Maven Magpie

She, with her Magpie mind,
was drawn and fated, bound to shine.
She spoke in all tongues and made light of the dark.
She said yes to Bacchus and refused refuge on Noah’s famed Ark.
The black feathered Maven, white breasted and fair
would not be kept, so she took to the air.

Her triumph of choice taking on chance
evoked a curiosity bound for romance.
She made up her heart to make two of one,
and looked to the stars to see it done.
Determined to reach them, radiant and bright,
she forged a great bridge and lept into flight.
On the seventh night of the seventh moon,
she became forever illuminated in the arms of Altair.
Seekers in the dark still find her there.  

Wary of wolves and worshipped with wine,sketch1513209092866
tales of her saga were shared far and wide.
One for sorrow, two for luck.
When the light goes out,
look up.

Unicorn of the Sea

Unicorn of the Sea

For David …Truancy Detective, Narwhal aficionado, and love of my life

I stitch to make a song of you
when words are tired
and my mind is a campfire.

I listen for the tale of you
with handmade motives
and sprigs of color.

I write to make the most of you
with inked ambitions
in the morning’s day.

To love you
is to make art of you.

There is no other way.